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Second day of using My Lead Gen Secret review brings me first sale, but..

If you read my previous post about my lead gen secret review, i put many doubts about this system, primary related with statistics and niche of leads. Then i said after i posted my first video about my lead gen secret that i will make new campaign using that system and let you informed about results. So far, you get every day 100 leads, but as i said my statistcs does not match


I made successful campaign with my lead gen secret review, but

I am not guy full of doubts, but there is something about this system what i still can’t explain and that is reason why i can’t recommend you this yet. Let me explain. I created my first campaign exclusively promoted with myleadgensecret system.

So as i promoted product from clickbank, everyone who use clickbank knows that they have real time statistics. So, comapring stats in MLGS and Clickbank, during all day i got those results. MLGS said that i have 6 opens (one of them was mine to test is it work when i made mail). In same time clickbank have only 1 click registerd at their side, and that one link was mine. And then, suddenly in one moment, i got 6 clicks at clickbank in 10 seconds and one sale! That makes me even more confused.

So today i decided to make one expensive campaign again using MLGS only, and i will inform you about results tomorrow. I will have 500 leads in that moment and i will target clickbank campaign with gravity over 130 but high price. In this way i want to compare are this results real or someone just make intervention to make it “to looks like human”.

You can try it for yourself here, and under every article i will post my video with daily progress. Feel free to leave comments.

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