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Internet is full of my lead gen secret reviews so i decided to try it by myself.

So i decided that I won’t just try it. It will be something else – I will make 30 day vides, day by day, following what is going on there and how my progress is going with my lead gen secret.

Let me explain you my method. I start to use my lead gen secret from scratch, exactly how they promote this product. They say that only thing you need for your leads is my lead gen secret. Why? Because they deliver you daily 100 unique leads (mostly from US) and those leads are all you need to promote your products.

My lead gen system sounds amazing, but..

So i decided to open brand new account for everything. Clickbank, JVZoo, warrior+ and so on. Why? I do it because MyLeadGenSecret claims that even if you are brand new in this business you can have success if you use their system. So why i need my own leads, my experience, trust from my customers if i use my lead gen system which claims to have all that pre build for me already.

So i run first campaign. But when i setup campaign i watch their how to video where myleadgensecret founder explains that you don’t use tracking links because they have sophisticated tracking system for you. Alright i give them a try. But…

From 200 emails i send i got 39 openings and 12 click. On my side at landing page i got 0 hits from anywhere.. This is reason why i decided to make 30 days review day by day exploring this system.

my lead gen secret statistics

Because there are  so many people online who promote this product, and they said its gold mine for any kind of business, and only thing you need is to click on their affiliate link.. C’mon, it’s not everyone stupid here.

So for Day 1 of using my lead gen secret system i can say this. You really get 100 leads per day. You are able to send one mail per 24 hours, and that’s ok. But you have no idea which niche this leads belong, who are people who click on your link, who opt-out from your list, you can’t se bounce rate. Just numbers.

So far my first complainings are related with statistic which is not accurate at all and lead niche. We will see tomorrow how things going, as i setup new campaign and i am continue to record and comment my progress with my lead gen secret.

You can try myleadgensecret here, and under every article i will post my video with daily progress. Feel free to leave comments.

My Lead Gen Secret Video review – Day 1

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