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You probably heard for My Lead Gen Secret service. It sounds too good to be truth, right? Well, yes, because it is not truth.

Well, after over month of testing and using My Lead Gen Secret service i can make final conclusion. It sucks.

If you checked my YouTube channel with video reviews, or articles about it here on my blog, i make very detailed review of this service, showing moments when it works and also showing mostly moment where they FAKE results.

So let’s make our final conclusion.

First, when i start to use this service i use also brand new ClickBank account. In first few days result was zero. After i published my video, i got some sales on ClickBank (around $70) and some sales of MLGS as afiiliate ($15). After that – zero.

So why?

Who ever work online business understand that leads have price. $30 for 3000 or 6000 leads per month is proof that you will get junk. Even more if you can’t see bounced mail, if you can’t see who open mail, who click on mail. Or you need more proof? Try to import any contact to your autorespoder such as AWeber or ConvertKit. You will get banned.

So what else do you need to understand it is fake? Yes, people make money on it, because they make video reviews on YouTube and subscribers of those people buy it because they trust them, and in the end, they feel stupid. You don’t want that, that’s why my final words are: Don’t buy it! EVER!

I promise, same as now, if something radical change in my statistics in upcoming days, i will let you know, until then, stay far away from My Lead Gen Secret.

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