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Revolutionary sex


Is Revolutionary sex – Alex Allman’s “Passion & Attraction That Lasts” any good for single guys who want to keep playing the field and get MORE women?

This week I sent you an email about Allman’s new program, and it’s gotten a great response, but it’s clearly a program targeting men already in relationships, and we’ve gotten quite a few emails asking what’s in it for single guys looking to learn how to “become the man that women are erotically attracted to,” and “supercharge any woman’s libido.” This program is called revolutionary sex. Other product reviews you can find here.

So we got a hold of Alex, and asked him exactly that… And here’s his reply >>

Alex: Thanks for the question my friend…

Revolutionary sex, in shortest terms: If a man is drawn to the program, he should get it, and return it if it’s not valuable to him. I’m pretty confident in what I create, I know that this is powerful material for men, and I’m more than willing to take the risk.

In slightly longer terms:

There are 3 modules in “Passion & Attraction That Lasts”, and the 2nd one will be completely useless and boring to a man who is single, loving it, and wants to keep playing the field for many years to come. (It’s all about relationship, communication skills, and learning how to keep your freedom, integrity, and enjoyment in life while keeping your woman loyal, happy, and free to be sexually expressed with you).

The first unit, however, is about becoming the man that women naturally think of as “sex-worthy”.

This is a big deal for so many men who are frustrated with being “friend-zoned” or having women “like” them, but not feel erotically charged in their presence.

Yes, the program emphasizes relationships and some of the ideas and examples will not be interesting to single guys, but if the go through the exercises, I think the changes they experience will just blow their minds.

I was never any good at “pick up” but always dated amazing women and had tons of beautiful, smart, sexy, and fun sex partners when I was single… and this material is why.

I remember hanging out with the PUAs at Project Hollywood 10 years ago… Mystery, Tyler, and all of those characters, and they couldn’t figure out what the heck I was. I was no “natural” and I was hopeless at cold approaches, shy and way out of my element in bars and clubs–

I wasn’t getting those stacks of phone numbers, but I was getting laid more often than most of them. It just wasn’t part of their model.

Anyway, I don’t think a man will become better at cold approaching women from this material, but he WILL become magnetic in his interactions with women. It is about being a man in a way that makes the women around you really FEEL like women, and I think most men really struggle with this–

Which, by the way, is very frustrating for women.

So many men are in denial about their authentic masculinity, their desires, the truth of who they are, because they are afraid they won’t be accepted or they’ll be ridiculed.

And of course, the opposite is true. It’s just not a road to fulfilled life, and the first part of this program is about unwiring that bullshit.

Part 3 is all about the “perfect effortless seduction” but again, at least 50% of it revolves around the issues that arise specifically in long term relationships.

That said there is a ton of stuff in there that will be powerful for a single guy…

There is a way to get to know a woman right from the beginning that sexualizes the relationship, so that seduction flows effortlessly and somehow inevitably, and that’s what this piece is all about.

Initiating sex shouldn’t feel like this thing you have to DO as the next step in an elaborate seduction. If you get these elements right, it’s just obviously where you end up.

Everyone knows that I tend to emphasize committed relationships in my programs on sex, and that’s just because it’s my stage of life right now. But playing the field or being polyamorous is great, and as long as you’re being honest and authentic in your interactions, and it’s what you want, you shouldn’t let anyone talk you out of it.

There are no rules anymore, and what I think is worthwhile, is if you really put effort into constantly understanding and honoring the ever-changing authentic desires of YOURSELF, and you commit to staying in integrity with yourself and with the women in your life, then you can’t go wrong.

The rest is just the bullshit that men use to distract themselves from the Truth.

If there’s one thing I’m constantly trying to get men to understand it’s that women really WANT you to become that man that makes it fun and easy for them to say “yes!”

Thanks for giving me the chance to reply about revolutionary sex program!


If you’d like more information on Alex Allman and his new “Passion & Attraction That Lasts” program, you can check it out right here.

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