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SEO basics you’ll want to know to rank your blog high on Google!

To a regular person, search engine optimization (SEO) sounds like a formidable subject, if they ever heard of it at all. I know of website operators who still get intimated whenever this matter comes up.

The fact is, SEO is not as frightening as it sounds, and basic search engine optimization is easy to learn even for those who are not too familiar with it.

Since SEO service is expensive to contract, due perhaps to it being a specialized skill, it would serve you well to learn the basics of it, especially since it impacts ranking and sales conversion rate.

You will be surprised how many myths are floating around about it and some of these have even been regarded as generally accepted practices.

To level up your knowledge, I suggest you refer to some online tutorials or references that provide you with functional knowledge about search engine optimization.

The more you familiarize yourself with how it works, the lesser you get intimidated by it.

SEO Basics You’ll want to know

So, in this post, I shall be talking about my time-tested SEO basic practices which I have proven to be effective in spurring traffic and ranking for my affiliate website.

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