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YouTube sponsor button and how to get it

It sounds cool, right? Probably you wonder can you have it too. Please keep reading on to understand what is YouTube sponsor button and how to get sponsor button.

As we all know, YouTube is at the moment biggest hub for video creators. It’s well known fact that more and more people start to be YouTubers because they understand power of monetisation of their work. So to separate creators with most quality content from beginners YouTube announced last year that they are giving creators options to creators to be sponsored.

If you are gamer and you use Twitch, this is nothing new for you because that is how Twitch works. But if you are not gamer and you are in other kind of niche then you should know benefits of it.

What is it?

As you know so far you can offer membership to your channel. And that makes confusion to people because membership and sponsor are placed on same location. In fact they are the same thing. Both this functions YouTube released in beta version, and in the end they decided to change it in “join” button. So YouTube sponsor button still do the same.

YouTube sponsor button

What does it do?

Bottom line is – money. If you collect people to subscribe as your sponsor they will, same as on Twitch, pay you monthly some amount you define. And that is so cool. But there are some pre requirements to be eligible for YouTube sponsor button. First of all, your channel need to have over 30.000 subscribers. It is logical that you are in Partnership program as you won’t be able to monetise channel otherwise. Second problem is that you need to be located in one of eligible countries from where you can apply for it

Final words about YouTube sponsor button

It exist to support creators from their audience. It is nothing new as we already saw this on Twitch, and that was something what keep creators to stay on Twitch. And now YouTube offered same YouTube sponsor button to their creator to keep them on own platform. But remember quality content can bring you high amount of views, and views are what YouTube counts.

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